Not Black Friday, Craft Friday!

Beverly over at Pomo Go Lightly is calling for Craft Friday revolution the day after Thanksgiving.  What a good idea.  Heck, I’d welcome a minor uprising! I don’t normally shop on the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I’ll be glad to stay home and knit for the revolution.  Or at least take the first steps in the annual Christmas-present-making-madness.

I started making Christmas gifts with my goddaughter when she was five.  We took purchased glass Christmas ornaments for her family, wrote each family member’s name on one in glue, sprinkled glitter on the glue and let them dry.  ‘Cause nothing says Christmas like glitter all over the kitchen floor.   A tradition (and make a monster) was born.  (I discovered that she had as much fun checking the names off the list as she did with the glitter.) Children not even alive that fateful yuletide season have been following the tradition of making presents.


The greatest aspect of this tradition over the years has been the excitement each child felt when the handmade gifts were opened.  Instead of looking forward to what they opened from Santa, they looked forward to seeing their parents or siblings open the hand made item.  Now, I think they just like to spend a day at our house going crazy and feeling the pull of nostalgia, even at their tender ages.



Some details in posts past.

I just got an email yesterday from the above described goddaughter, now working at the Old Skool Cafe in San Francisco. She will be home in time for Christmas, but not in time to be part of the gift making.  Her request? Will I please make sure that the next kid in line organizes it?  It made me smile.  And panic.  I have to get some present-making ideas together soon!

7 responses to “Not Black Friday, Craft Friday!

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  2. Well, that is a fine tradition. However, the poem in the linked post brought tears to my eyes… Do you have the whole family weeping on Christmas morning?

  3. What a wonderful way to ‘do’ Christmas, I like your family’s style 🙂

  4. This tradition really makes me smile. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

  5. This post has made me smile! And you are right; nothing says Christmas like glitter on the floor 🙂

  6. What a fabulous tradition! It’s probably too late to offer an idea, but years ago, the girls and I got ceramic paint and plain white mugs, and put their handprints, one on each side of the mug. You bake them, and the paint becomes permanent and dishwasher safe and everything (we still have ours, in fact). You’re making me want to do that again…

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