Steam that Pompom!

Or pompon, whichever you prefer.  It’s been a crazy crafting month here, but in case you have last minute items that need pompoms, I have to share this new technique:  steam them!

I taught a PomPom Popup at the Yarnery last week.  I didn’t think anyone would come.  It was cold.  It was snowing.  It was Saturday morning.  It was a one-hour class on pompoms and tassels.  Plus, everyone knows how to make pompoms and tassels, right?  Well 16 people showed up.  Everyone had made pompoms and tassels, but everyone felt theirs were weak, lackluster, missing the oomph that is the very nature of a pompom.  My two top tips: Use LOTS of yarn.  Much more than you think. And use one of these gadgets:


I am not typically a buyer of gadgets, and I’ve made many successful pompoms with the good old cardboard circles, but these babies are fast.

The real top tip, though came from a student, who clearly had no business being in the class.  She told us she learned to steam them in Campfire Girls.  Good idea.  Let’s try it out.  I ran downstairs and borrowed the electric kettle from the kitchen.  I had a few forks for showing folks how to make tiny pom poms on a fork, (which we never did) so we stuck a fork in it and it was done!

Happy students with their pompoms:

Photo Dec 13, 6 34 40 PM

Here is the brief photo tutorial I make at dark o’clock to show you how it works.

Pompom in Lamb’s Pride Bulky*, almost ready for a Christmas gift, but untrimmed.   Notice that it is stuck on a fork being held over a pot of boiling water.

Photo Dec 22, 2 29 02 PM

Lightly steamed and gently fluffed:

Photo Dec 22, 2 32 45 PM

Trimmed and ready for the hat:

Photo Dec 22, 2 36 32 PM

So happy pompoms to all, and to all a good night!

*I’d be careful with steaming acrylic or blend yarn.  I’ll have to try it out and let you know.

14 responses to “Steam that Pompom!

  1. I’m totally sold. The before and after photos sold it. Btw I totally would show up for a pompoms and tassel hour with you, how great!

  2. Great turnout – I bet they knew who the instructor was going to be…glad you had fun. I’ll try to remember the steaming trick (if I ever make a pompom ;-))

  3. I’m going to try one of those doohickies. Pom poms are fun to dye, too.

  4. If I ever have to make one…. 🙂

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  6. I made a slightly disappointing pompom this morning, so the steaming tip is very timely, thanks!

  7. The best bit about this post is the picture of a room full of happy smiling pom-pom-making people – love it!

  8. I got one of the very same gadgets recently! A big improvement on my not-so-fluffy handmade pom-poms.

  9. My pompoms kind of explode apart even when I use a gadget, I am resigned to a pompom-less existence … but steaming you say … it’s sure worth a try!

    Happy New Year my friend, may the months ahead bring you only good things x

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