The Winner and the New Baby

The winner of the blanket kit is whatzitknitz – my neighbor to the east in Wisconsin.  I’ll contact you to get a mailing address.  The big news is that Aunt Lou had the date wrong – EJ was due in early February, not late.  Looks who is here ahead of the blanket:

2014-01-30 06.22.09

I think the bright colors will be perfect for him.   If I ever get it done.  Thank goodness it is bulky yarn.  I really appreciate all the comments and ideas.  I have to swatch to see if I like it better without the orange or without the yellow.  I am going to try Robin’s idea of putting the dark teal where the yellow was used. “The bigger stripes will be the bright colors and the darker blue will “tone” it down a bit. I think it would be fabulous that way!”  She may be right.

I’ve been distracted by a sweater for me.  In the fantastic Nash Island Light.  Nearly done picking up all the stitches for the button band/collar. (I will never purchase another of this brand of interchangeable. This has happened with all most of the longer lengths.  Maybe I just pull too hard, or perhaps this was the first version and they have improved.  )

broken needle

Ripped out collar twice.

collar 1

Another big oops when I tried it on to decide whether I wanted hems for cuffs or ribbing.

2014-01-29 08.19.43

How did I manage to make one sleeve 3 inches shorter than the other.  THREE INCHES!  At least it is stockinette and used a provisional cast on, so I can pick up and knit down.

Time to shovel snow.  More details on the sweater later.  The polar vortex appears to be hanging around enough for me to get lots of wear out of this if I ever finish it!  Thank you all for playing!


8 responses to “The Winner and the New Baby

  1. Actually, it’s an Alberta clipper this time, not the polar vortex – although the end result is the same! 🙂

    Welcome, baby!

    Ah, I have that same brand of interchangeables. They will replace defective needles for free. I’ve had a few do that, but considering what I put them through and how reasonably they’re priced, I’m ok with that. Let’s just say that, because of the price, they get more leeway than if it was an Addi Turbo interchangeable set. 😀

  2. Oh the money thrown at interchangeables, each time hoping for a system that works.

  3. Same prob here with the same brand of interchangeables. I keep stupidly glueing them and having new disaters (always with mega # of stitches dropping at abad plac ein the pattern. of course). . In my case I think I twist a lot as I knit. But really, should this happen ? NO! Ok on to that sweater, I am dying to see it. I can’t decide on a pattern for my Starcroft yarn, it is so wonderful I want just the right one…

  4. Such a cute baby! How lovely to have a new addition to knit for.

    Hope you’re getting some respite from the cold weather x

  5. Distracted by the cute baby?

    Every time I see broken interchangeables, I congratulate myself on not buying any. I have 810932959 needles instead.

  6. Hi Mary Lou, Thinking of you today. Warm wishes, Joyce

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