Blanket is Done

I have a phone photo of the blanket, I hope I get one of it in action soon.  I waffled on the color choice, should I leave out the orange?  Leave out the yellow?  I went with Robin’s suggestion of wider blue, left in both the yellow and orange.  I altered the stitch pattern, putting in knit in the front and back increases instead of yarnovers.  Since a little bit of yellow seems to go a long way, I put a stripe of yellow in at each end, so bright but not overwhelming.  Here’s the final product:

redone blanket

In case you forgot how ugly the original was:

ugly blanket

I was worried about the stitch pattern pulling in too much, even with the garter stitch stripes, but that is the beauty of slippery superwash wool – the photo is machine washed and dried, so I know that it will be ok when a non-knitting parent throws it in the laundry.

Yarn is Cascade 128 Superwash, two skeins of the blue, one of each of the other colors, with enough leftover to make a 70’s style baby sweater.  Not going to happen, really. Maybe a hat.


14 responses to “Blanket is Done

  1. So great! Amazing how far redesign can take a gal!!!
    Good job!!!

  2. The new version is much prettier. Good color choices after all. Thanks for sharing.

    • It makes me wish I knew more about color theory than hit or miss. I took a class once, but it was very technical at an art school and while fun was a bit over my head. And sooooo long ago.

  3. Loving the new version, it looks so cheerful, and warm!

  4. Ah, much better! That’s great!

  5. What a difference. So much better.

  6. Looks lovely M’Lou.

  7. The blanket looks great! The first thing I thought of was Australian Aboriginal paintings.

  8. So much better! It looks great.

  9. One of the best things about, er, “vivid” blankets is that they are difficult to lose. We still remember with horror the day the hotel housekeeper accidentally bundled up Laura’s white blanket and took it away with the laundry, and we never saw it again. For a little drama queen to be so brave nearly broke my heart.

    Your modifications look great! —

  10. this really really turned out great!!!!

  11. whoa what a difference the changes make-I absolutely love this version.Is there a pattern? I know this is a chevron (or maybe a ripple stitch)iteration but, you know, sometimes I don’t want to think!

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