I won’t be knitting this

I seem to have lost my knitting mojo of late.  I’m still knitting, but nothing really turns my crank.  I’ve finished a few items I can’t post right now, but I’ve been reduced to plain vanilla socks.  At least I’ll have Christmas presents for next year.

I won’t be making this, however:

Twilley 400

Knitted in cotton – can you imagine?

I found it on ReKnitting , where Barbara says:

The cooler is actually supposed to be worn underneath a blanket rather than by itself, to allow the horse to cool off after exercise. And it is Particularly beneficial for nervous or excitable animals.”  The pattern has the usual warning that when you are buying cotton, you should buy enough to complete the article, as dye-lots vary. Obviously, it is important to avoid a stripe of a slightly different shade at one end of the cooler, especially if your horse is excitable.

My foster horse has been excitable – we call it the Spring Stupids.  It feels like spring to them, because of the daylight, but it is still winter, here, believe me.

2014-02-16 13.28.23

We had a little “episode” a few weeks ago that left me with bruised ribs and a hematoma on my chin.  I had to testify at the state legislature for work, and I swathed myself in a stole, hoping I looked more stylish Frenchwoman than someone who had been in a bar brawl.  I’m fine, just a bit sore on the rib cage, so I have to sit up straight when I’m knitting.  Not a bad side effect, I guess.  Lying there in the snow, knowing I was ok, I thought how life could change in the blink of an eye.  (Or bad judgement on a fellow rider’s part.)  I feel lucky and chastened.   I do always wear a helmet, and this was a reminder to keep up the practice.

I’m waiting for some yarn to arrive from the UK.  THAT should get my mojo cranking.  Stay tuned!


11 responses to “I won’t be knitting this

  1. Ouch! Glad you’re ok, beyond the bruises and soreness. I’m sure your horse would be less excitable wearing 100+ skeins of kitchen cotton. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness. Why do you resist knitting the horse blanket??? I would have liked to see you dressed for work (but without the bruising).

    • Just your basic work stuff, black skirt, boots, tweed jacket. And large scarf/stole wrapped around my neck several time to block the view of the technicolor bruising!

  3. The horse looks a little embarrassed, like some human knitwear models I’ve seen.

  4. I am with you on the mojo thing. While things are still being knitted chez moi, feeling the love seems to be missing.

  5. Bar brawl? Smile, call it a hickey and keep standing tall.

  6. I like Ellen’s advice..but yeah, that lying on your back in the snow thinking close call…scary! I had a couple of those moments and all I did was fall off my feet while walking a large dog on ice–nothing like falling from a moving horse. Sobering! Maybe your foster horse is peevish because he/she is aware of your indifference to handknitting a cotton cooler ?

  7. still-learning

    I work for a legislature, and it would have made my day to spot handknits on a conferee. Glad you’re OK and you’re talking about physical bruising, not the type one occasionally gets while testifying.

    • Oh, the legislative bruising was there, too. I had to restrain myself from screaming “Did you not hear one word I just said?” All passed in the end. I was knitting while I waited, of course.

  8. I know we spoke about this elsewhere, but I do hope you are healed now, and that the yarn got to you 🙂

  9. My heart grabbed just a little when I read about the tumble….ouch!!! Do hope you are healing…..new yarn can do wonders for the mojo; I’m in a rather bit of a slump again myself. I know it will leave me eventually, but I get just a bit panicky when it happens—like i’ll never find another knit to excite me again. (sigh)

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