How did it get to be September?

A few minutes ago I was lying on my back in the snow, relieved not to be hurt.  Now I wake up to find I just came back from Fiber College of Maine, always held the weekend after Labor Day.

View from Porch 2014-09-05 07.42.11

I think of posts, but never write them down, just leave them drifting through my mind. So, at the beginning of what so many of us still think of as the new year with new notebooks, I am making a renewed commitment to posting more regularly.  One big reason for this is that I have just spent 4 days in the company of women I met via blogging, starting with Gale Zucker and Kirsten Kapur.  The connections keep flowing, and I don’t want them to stop.  So, I’m going to start again.  How about you?  What connections have you made through blog reading or writing?

At Fiber College I stayed in a house full of talented, funny women and shared skills in classes with wonderful fiber folks.  I have very few photos to show for it.  That’s one thing about being with a bunch of visual artists.  They take all the pictures, I just hang out.  Here’s the house of fiber folk, taken by Gale, of course:

House in Searsport Gale

Gale is not only a great photographer, but an excellent teacher.  I wish I had been able to take the Savvy Storytelling class she and Beverly Army Williams taught on Saturday, but I was teaching all day.  (Dorset Buttons and Navajo Knitting) If you are interested in an online class, Gale’s Interweave class on Photography for Knitters is on sale right now.

One of the most fun features of Fiber College is the Mentored Dye Tent.  Ellen Mason (taken by Gale) sets up all you need.


You can buy some yarn from her, or bring your own.  Overdye ugly stuff.  Dipdye an old sweater.  Look at this display Ellen set up to help you choose colors and see how they would affect your fiber:

Dye Tent 2014-09-06 13.33.37

or look at it taken by a real photographer.

I have been knitting, designing, gardening, riding and working like mad at the day job. When I got home from Fiber College I wanted a grasshopper day, but nature decided I had to be an ant.

produce 2 tavera 2014-09-08 14.06.15

Do you know that it takes a long time to shell Lima beans?

limas 2014-09-08 14.03.29



6 responses to “How did it get to be September?

  1. I want to go back to that fiber filled cottage right now! How did the weekend fly by so quickly?

    Your garden bounty looks scrumptious. This city dweller is very jealous of those freshly picked beans and beets!

  2. You are also a real photographer. Just look at the delicious garden photos. I also want to return to last weekend, make it go slower and learn the Navajo knitting technique from you!

  3. Envious about Fiber College. Maybe I will get to go one day.

  4. it looks like i really need to put fiber college on my bucket list! yes, these blogging folks are truly the best…..and crazy (maybe not so) as it sounds, some of my very very best friends are blog friends whom I’ve never met in person. (took an online class ‘with’ Gale…..she doesn’t know I stalk her photography now…..shhhh, don’t tell.)

  5. Wow, your veggies look fantastic! I wish I could have taken your Navajo knitting class, despite also loving the Savvy Storytelling class I did take. I am, however already plotting new hand warmers using the twined knitting techniques I so enjoyed learning in your class! I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures now that I’ve found your blog through the FB group, Mary Lou.

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