Stitching Failure in the Nation’s Capital

I have spent the last 5 days in Washington DC at a conference, which for most of the day means knitting.  A colleague from another state found me to say I had inspired her and this year she brought her knitting.  Yes.  As a token of her gratitude she gave me this button:

button gift

I did get a break between sessions and walked over the Key Bridge to Georgetown and back.  This is the river on a quiet weekday afternoon.

2014-09-30 16.24.52

Unlike Sunday, the boat and paddle board rental place had very few customers.

2014-09-30 16.28.45

So few, that as I hung over the bridge railing I watched the attendant entertaining himself.  He made it all the way to the end of the dock.

no customers

I walked into Georgetown to find some better thread to hand stitch the rolled hem on my scarf.  The fabric store listed on yelp and elsewhere had moved about 20 miles away.  Oh well.  I had attempted stay-stitching the edge before leaving home, without much luck.  I used different tensions, even remembered to switch to a brand new silk-appropriate needle.

2014-09-27 10.30.42

It still looked bad, so I gave up.

2014-09-29 16.55.11

My hand sewing in the hotel room after a long day wasn’t much better, so when I get home I’m going to look for finer thread in a slightly darker grey. That’ll do it. Sure.  No operator error on this end.

Bad sewing

All advice welcome.



6 responses to “Stitching Failure in the Nation’s Capital

  1. That BUTTON! Amazing!

    For the scarf, have you tried doing a blind hem stitch first to create the rolled hem, and then adding your decorative stitching afterward. That might help make things neater. I haven’t tried stitching mine yet, so I can’t say if it will work or not.

  2. The scarf is so pretty.

  3. One of the many reasons I hate to sew! Hope it works out OK.

  4. It’ll be gorgeous in the end. I hope you had alternative projects in your hotel room (somehow I suspect you did).

  5. I LOVE that button! So true.

    I’ve never had any luck handsewing rolled edges, I’ve always used an attachment on my sewing machine. Which, [looks down at the scarf I have on] I need to use myself.

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