That’s been the theme of life for the past little while, things good and bad. The latest was having my wallet and iphone stolen. That commercial that asks “What’s in your wallet?” —  I couldn’t remember. Which cards? What ID? Not having a phone is really disorienting, but maybe in a good way. For instance, I am waiting at the Verizon store writing this instead of reading stuff on my phone or texting.

In the past month I’ve moved offices to a new ‘open office’ format. (Horrible. Maddening.) Had to replace my 15-year old car. (Nice new-to-me car, but unexpected change in the midst of being ‘unofficed’.) Travelled for work. (Good, but, you know, work.) Two funerals. (Sudden, tragic, sad.) Aforementioned stolen wallet. About the wallet, I am feeling grateful that it is not a time in my life, because there have been such times, when losing cash would have meant real hardship. I wasn’t hurt, I’m not sick, and I always have my knitting along for the ride. The banks, driver’s license folks, Verizon were all helpful and expedited where they could. Things could be much worse.

However, this has all left me feeling unfocused and vague. The other day I cut myself and put the band-aid on the wrong finger. (At least it was the same hand!) I stood by the wrong grey car trying to open the door with my new clicker. But seriously, since I bought a grey car, they are all grey.  I took this picture in the parking lot to prove it.

silver cars

I need to get grounded. Other than more knitting and breathing, all ideas and suggestions welcome. I’m thinking of going home and lying down in the garden.

garden veg Collage

I have no nice knitting photos for you because they were all on my phone, not yet uploaded. Those are a few vegetables I put in the freezer this past weekend, though, because no blog post should be photo-less. More to come, soon, I hope. It’s my turn …


13 responses to “Discombobulation

  1. So sorry! Can’t blame you for feeling adreft at all. Wallet and phone together and funerals…and car, and office-that’s alot of change. Glad to see the color in the garden to keep you going. Those carrots are works of art! Hoep you feel more focussed very soon.

  2. Oh no! You have had a horrible week. I am so sorry to hear of the two sudden and tragic deaths in your life.

    The bounty of your garden is beautiful. I think laying down there is an excellent idea.

    Sending hugs your way. xo

  3. Oh Mary Lou! You make a craptastic phase sound almost bearable. You are an inspiring example of sunshine and chin-up-edness. I think I would have had a stroke. xoxox

  4. Ugh. Those rapid-fire-upheaval periods are the worst, aren’t they? Lying down in the garden sounds like a SPLENDID plan. 🙂

    • Thanks! It was getting dark by the time I made it home. Perhaps in the morning with my tea…

      On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 7:40 PM, Yarnerinas wrote:


  5. the one good thing about having such a cr*ppy week is……next week is bound to look really really good. leaves turning, crispness in the air, sweater weather, maybe…..all good stuff to look forward to.

  6. Ugh, so sorry to hear about your wallet and phone. 😦
    I can relate about grey cars – I’ve had grey cars for ~10 years now and that can definitely be a challenge in a big parking lot, esp with how bad my memory is!
    I don’t know if you use Dropbox (if you don’t, email me and I’ll send you a referral link that will mean we both get extra free space), but it is AWESOME for photo backup – it has a Camera Upload option that uploads your photos anytime you connect to wifi. Backs them up and makes them easy to access on your Dropbox-connected computer(s).

  7. to quote a famous writer: “Last week was a wash, start fresh this week.”

  8. to quote Scarlet O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day.” Things will improve.
    My neighbour had a grey car when he was a private eye because he said no one ever notices one following them!

  9. Knit through it. You’ll be fine in a bit. And look for every little thing you can do tosimplify life. Best wishes.

  10. Belatedly, I feel your pain, having titled my last but one post ‘A series of unfortunate events’. And you’re right about the silver/grey cars … this side of the Atlantic too.

    I do hope you’ve managed to knit your way to the other side of your woes x

  11. Well, here I was looking for an update on the Knitters’ Guild meeting that you spoke to (I heard it was great – that you were very funny and charming) and here I find out you’ve been back at the blog for a while!

    Sorry to hear about the phone and wallet … I trust you’re over the weirdness of the new-for-you car.

    And yes, don’t you love conferences for knitting? And don’t you love D.C.!?

    Hope things are looking up for you in November!

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