There and Back Again Part 1

(With apologies to Mr. Tolkein.)  I wish I were better at making collages of these photos.  Never fear, I have signed up for an online workshop taught by Gale Zucker, and you can, too.

I hardly know where to start on my knitting-related adventure. But since it was related to WW1 Centenary I started with the poppies at the Tower of London. I walked along the Thames on a lovely day all the way from whatever they call where Parliament is –Embankment? It was a good thing, too, because the tube was mobbed with people heading up there. I had no idea how many people there would be, but so happy I went. Most of the people in the crowd were British, and had stories to tell of uncles, and great uncles, and grandfathers. Mostly I was eavesdropping, and what I heard was very moving.

IMG_0616 IMG_0617IMG_0518

The next day, I decided to take a walking tour, and chose a London Walks tour that fit my schedule and was a bit different – I saw Little Venice/Maida Vale in the company of an entertaining and knowledgeable guide. I also went on a walking tour in York. I have never done walking tours before and it was really worthwhile. I would have walked past so many interesting places and tiny bits of interest.  Like these cabbie shelters funded by the Temperance Society so that cabbies could get warm without alcohol.

cabbie shelter

Plus, since I was alone and the few others on the tours were in a group, I got to walk with the guide each time and be the sucky teacher’s pet I was in 4th grade. Delightful. The one in London actually told me to ‘zip it’ when I knew an answer he wanted to surprise the rest of the group with – in the nicest way, of course. Let’s just say the answer was Alan Turing.

I did a quick tour of the Victoria and Albert, but some of what I went to see was closed for maintenance.  I saw these Dorset buttons, far more elaborate than the ones I make.  I’ll have to send this photo to my Fiber College students.


I loved the V and A, but doesn’t this Chihuly look just a tiny bit out of place?

IMG_0608 IMG_0607

This mosaic was perfect for me the morning after the U.S. elections:


As it got darker, I made the pilgrimage to the dream of a bookstore:


I just had time to dash into the British Museum, ran right into the Rosetta Stone, and had some tea and cake while reading the brochure about why they still have the Elgin Marbles.


I have always wanted to see York, so spent a couple of days there before heading to Lincoln for the big show.  I went to Evensong at York Minster.


Saw some white roses, of course.  In November!


And took a shot of this holiday lighting for a friend back home:


This textile was in a shop window.  Stranded knitting?


More tea and cake.  This time, Parkin Cake, which the cafe owner told me I should have, because it was specific to Yorkshire, and I could get a scone anywhere.  It was delicious.

2014-11-07 13.50.14

On to Lincoln for Part Two.


6 responses to “There and Back Again Part 1

  1. Oh, wow. What a cool trip! You’ll be able to picture some of the places in those Connie Willis books. 😀

  2. I am LOVING this travelog. Hahaha the teacher’s pet on the walking tours! Were the poppies cascading on a wire frame or were they being thrown down? Either way they look amazing against the stone walls.
    ps Thanks for the plug. It’ll be fun to imagine you listening along & watching.

  3. Love he photos.

  4. Thank you for the link to CabbieBlog. The Cabbies’ Green Huts were financed by a group of philanthropists, not the Temperance Society. Yes it was intended to get cabbies out of the local hostelries and those using the facilities were also instructed to abstain from political discussion. Can you imagine cabbies not having views about running the country? The original idea of Green Huts was not entirely selfless as the sponsors made sure they were located near their houses or places of work. Sadly only 13 now exist.

    • I may have mis-remembered what the tour guide told me. And I linked but only glanced at the link, figuring I’d read more later. I should have read first! I saw the one at the Warwick Tube Stop and one at Russell Square. And no, i cannot imagine a cabbie of ANY nation abstaining from political discussion!

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