Craft Friday: The Magic of Making

Beverly at Pomogolightly is having another CraftFriday, instead of Black Friday. I avoid even grocery stores on Black Friday if I can help it. (For those fortunate enough not to know what that is – it is a push for sales the day after American Thanksgiving to get your books in the black.  It has gotten waaay out of hand.) I plan to shop in my stash. Although one must be careful shopping in stash.  I was working on a pair of mittens for the mitten drive at work using a ball of  lovely lovely turquoise yarn.  More than a few rounds into the second one, I realized it was not the same turquoise yarn as I had used for the first.  Some idiot had wound two different yarns into the ball of leftovers.  Some idiot too lazy to turn a light on in her workroom?  Fortunately, this same idiot had another ball of the right yarn.   Can you tell I worked on this second one at the office, while on a webinar?

emergency stitch holder

A paper clip makes quite a satisfactory temporary stitch holder.

I am also cranking out gift socks, resting up for more complicated labors yet to come.

2014-11-22 10.40.43

I am feeling a bit sad that I am too far away from my great niece to start the gift making traditions. There is such magic in making things.

I was pondering the magic part this morning when I serendipitously read two posts – one by Franklin Habit, and one by Donna Druchunas, both on the magical aspect of craft.  Donna quotes Neil Shubin, Your Inner Fish 

“The hand actually defines us in many ways. When you think about what makes our species unique and special, it’s having thoughts and being able to make those thoughts real. And the way our thoughts become real is through use of our hands to build things, to make things.”

And that is magic, of a sort.  Are you planning any magic?  If you need inspiration, pop on over to Pinterest and see Beverly’s Craft Friday board.

I plan to shop in my stash, but with the light on.

11 responses to “Craft Friday: The Magic of Making

  1. I think I might set up supplies on the dining table Thursday night after everyone goes to bed. You know, like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, but craftier. Who could pass that up? It would be like walking past a half worked puzzle.

  2. What a good idea! I wound some yarn in advance last night.

  3. I totally sympathize with the hatred from Black Friday – and I own a yarn shop! We are open the day after Thanksgiving, but we serve refreshments, put on nice music, and my staff and I decorate the shop and our front window for the holidays. I have knitters come in to decompress from Thanksgiving hosting duties, and we have a lovely low-key day. I will be with you and Bev in spirit!

  4. Love the paper clip stitch holder improv. In s bind I’ve used trash bag twisties (they also make decent stitch markers). Thanks for sharing the quote, if you don’t mind, I might use it at some point. Happy Crafting!

    • Not my quote – I found it via Donna, so go right ahead. I have used twisties for markers, but not stitch holder. Good idea!

      On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Yarnerinas wrote:


  5. I love Ellen’s idea! I’m an advocate for miss matched mittens, so I encourage shopping your stash with your eyes closed!

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  7. Here’s hoping you had a very relaxing crafting Black Friday. I definitely did. 🙂

  8. You are impressively productive. I on the other hand am perilously close to what the Yarn Harlot calls IT. i.e. I am going to be knitting right up to Christmas Eve, I planned to make 3 shawls for my special friends but the first turned out wrong for any of them so I kept it, I am now just finishing the second gift shawl when I should be finishing the last one. I also have a pair of mittens to finish then all the things that have to be posted will be done. Then I have to start on the family! EEK _ We now have Black Friday in the UK, it was total madness this year!

  9. love the improvised stitch holder!!! 🙂

  10. It seems we now have Black Friday in the UK, complete with unseemly scrambles for electrical goods, which is really silly as we don’t have Thanksgiving.

    That is a very neat use for a paperclip.

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