Twelfth Night I Think

Could be last night or the night before, depending on who you ask.  Whichever, the Lord of Misrule must be setting up the weather.  Minus 7 F and bitter windchills.  This was most welcome to sit and knit and read by:


The Holiday Recap: Present-making was limited this year, as those adult children have such busy lives.  We did one big gift.  This was the inspiration, a fake advertisement:

2012-12-25 13.34.16

IMG_2210I did socks, some of which didn’t quite fit and now have to be adjusted.  It adds to the legend when you say you can do that, of course.  My goddaughter said the ones I made her from leftovers  are her favorites of all the ones I have ever made her.  (She is a big charity shop devotee.)  I meant to get  an Esther Williams type photo of all the feet but the mayhem was too much.


My basic sock over 48 sts with a K3, P1 rib.  The yarn is leftover sport weight sock yarn Supersocke 6-Ply Wohlfühl Color, now discontinued. I wish I had bought more. Here’s a pair made from one skein.

basic socks sport

I did some hats, too. Action shots from our mid-day walk, with a bit of freshly falling snow for atmoshphere.–  a Big Flap Hat in Rasta, from Malabrigo.  (Such lovely yarn!)  And a Hugs and Kisses Hat in Cascade 128 superwash.


A slightly better shot of the little hat, with the back of my husband’s Nansen I knitted a zillion years ago:


Now to my favorite time of winter, no fuss, no muss, no gardening, just reading and knitting and trying to stay warm.  Best wishes to all of you for 2015.





8 responses to “Twelfth Night I Think

  1. I too like this part of winter – quiet and slow moving.

  2. Nice knitting! Happy 2015 to you and your family!

  3. Best Wishes for 2015 to you as well. Lovely photos!

  4. Looks like you had a warm and cozy holiday! Here’s to staying warm out there… o.O

  5. That giant snuggie is hysterical!! You are too funny. And I am very impressed with your patience in matching the stripes on those socks. I am a lazy sock knitter and just cast on for the second wherever I left off on the first.

    We are going to miss you next week. Here’s one more plea to make a last minute decision to join us. I don’t have any spot that is nearly as cozy as your beautiful fireplace, but I can offer the warmth of friends surrounding you as you knit. . .

  6. What Kirsten said…bring your class along?!! You will be missed! (and I agree the snuggie think is absolutely hysterical).
    I’ve just returned from Portland Maine, it was doing a very good job of matching Minnesota in the Winter Experience Department.

  7. And the very happiest 2015 to you too m’dear x

    I love the family blanket shot!!

  8. LOVE the blankies shot!

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