Green Pepper Sandwiches and Borscht Concentrate

Green pepper sandwiches were one way my mother handled the bounty from the garden.  We loved them.  Sliced green peppers on white bread with  Miracle Whip.  I cannot imagine eating that now, but I do have garden harvest to handle.  (Just not seven kids to feed, thank God.)  My most recent brainstorm was borscht concentrate.  Soup takes up lots of space, and my freezer size is limited.  I have a lower drawer in my fridge and a small dorm fridge size freezer.  I experimented with making a sort of essence of borscht with very little stock and roast beets figuring I could add the stock and cabbage and potatoes after defrosting.  Who knows.  But how can anything this beautiful be bad?

2015-09-20 18.26.23-3

I also have massive amounts of broccoli every few days, no idea why, so if anyone has genius ideas on that, I’m open.  My neighbors are tired of getting it, I think.

I had the good fortune to teach at Fiber College in Maine again this year.  I took a bag of sliced peppers and some other garden goodies to eat on the plane because I have so much – the people around me seemed to feel shamed.  One woman looked at her Cinnabon and then at me and muttered – “I’m eating crap.” So funny.  I leaned over and told her I had a giant chocolate bar in my carry on.

I taught Broomstick Lace, a chilly day but a warm group.

2015-09-11 16.15.05

I’m a bad photographic record keeper, especially when surrounded by people like Gale Zucker, who document beautifully all the time.  I shared a a house with seven fun, talented and inspirational women.  Here’e one picture I did take of the hippy Rugosa Rose next to the porch – I almost gathered some to bring home.  They were bigger than crabapples! Our roses don’t have full hips like these.

2015-09-13 07.16.49

I had to spend some time working on edits with my co-authors, and missed some fun classes.  Jackie Ottino Graf, the genius yarn maker and dyer at Swans Island, taught an all day-class on Madder.  One dyestuff, many add-ons and mordants.  Here’s a a house-mate’s result:

2015-09-11 17.53.14

My flowers are still hanging in there.  I stopped planting Morning Glories, although I love them, because they are invasive little self-seeders and come back as purple sports after a few seasons.  It’s the blue I love.  But year two can be pretty, as well.  These invaders from next-door are trying to cover the grill to hang on to summer.

2015-09-14 08.03.23

Thanks for all the comments on the last post.  Although, as Chris said, there are all those other forums out there, I enjoy the longer chats from time to time.  Please lets keep talking.


7 responses to “Green Pepper Sandwiches and Borscht Concentrate

  1. Hello!!!! *waves* Oh, that circle of dyed yarn is stunning. All from madder?! Wow. It’s too bad you don’t live in Minnetonka – my brother and SIL would take all the broccoli you had to spare – my oldest niece can eat her body weight in broccoli stalks. Yes, stalks…

  2. If we were neighbors, you could give me all your broccoli. I’d let you keep the beets. 😉

    • Beets are one of those things that people seem to love or hate. Either they are delicious and ‘earthy’ or ‘they taste like dirt.’ nice to chat with you again!

      On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 8:41 PM, Yarnerinas wrote:


  3. I think your borscht concentrate idea is genius. Let us know how it turns out. And the “full hips” made me chuckle. (Lots of *full hips* around my house, but not the rose kind.) I love the madder dyed yarns — they look wonderful together.

    • We always use a line I heard at a horse auction once – “Check the big hip on this filly.” The roses are indeed, not the only ones!

      On Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 4:42 PM, Yarnerinas wrote:


  4. Chicken Divan — fresh broccoli is much better than the frozen stuff! Wish I could take some off your hands, as my girls have to my astonishment always eaten broccoli willingly.

    When we moved into our house, we could gather up the morning glories into coils like rope, because they stretched from one end of the property to the other — I love the cheery morning faces, but cripes!

    • And no where I have read that morning glories are invasive. But that has been my experience, much as I like them. Chicken Divan — hmmm. Good idea.

      On Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM, Yarnerinas wrote:


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