Not so warm hat

This summer-like autumn continues unabated.  I wore gloves for the first time last night, but didn’t really need them.  I felt as though I were putting them on just because, like for church.  Thank goodness wearing gloves to be ladylike is a long-dead custom.  I remember wearing little white gloves to go to church on Easter.  I chewed the finger tips until they were grubby.  We also wore them for special scout events.

three scouts

Hats were de rigeur, of course, because we were Catholic.  (Anyone remember chapel veils?) I’m working on a hat that is a bit more style than substance right now.  It is fantastic yarn, Dune, from Shibui, but it is light and drapey, rather than super cozy.   A hat for looks, or maybe a bit of warmth in the fall or spring, but not winter in a climate of the Upper Midwestern persuasion.  Unless it is an El Nino winter.  My challenge was to design a hat that only used one skein of this gorgeous but no inexpensive yarn.  I really enjoy designing with a certain set of limits in place.  Is there a term of art for that in the real world?

dune hat in process

I worked on this hat in a darkened auditorium the other day.  Not a good idea.  I ended up ripping it back all the way to the ribbing when I got home.  I ended up with about ten yards left.  I’ll post a finished photo soon as I find a model.

My mojo for larger projects has waned post-book.  I’m working on smaller items, like socks for ME!

When I lived in Ottawa, I longed for a Hudson Bay Blanket coat, like this one, but they were waaaay out of my price range.

300hudson-bay-coat-hbc-classic-stripey-pure-wool-coat_7140021hudson bay sock

They don’t make them any longer, but I still think of them with nostalgia when I am freezing at a bus stop.  Then I saw the sock yarn, not sure where.  Susan B. Anderson?  Now I have little coats for my feet.  Sock selfies are a challenge – I just threw my leg up on the kitchen table on my way to put on my shoes.  Classy.

13 responses to “Not so warm hat

  1. I thought Pendleton was still making those coats. I too coveted one.

  2. I applaud your sock selfie ! Also that yarn. I’ve always wanted one of those blankets.

  3. Stripey socks are the best socks!

  4. those socks!!!! LOVE them!!!

  5. Designing a garment that uses only a certain amount of yarn is like writing a sonnet.

  6. Poetry of sock knitting! Actually, I was going to say that I always looked forward to wearing white gloves on Easter Sunday but they never fit properly and wouldn’t stay on.

  7. Someday I will knit a baby sweater in Hudson Bay colors.

  8. What a wonderful discovery! I’ve never seen a Hudson Bay blanket coat and I have just been Wikipedi-ing so to speak Love those socks, such a great way of reviving traditional pattern.

    • Jane! Good to see you here. I am thinking a Hudson’s Bay Blanket baby sweater. I do have a new great nephew.

      On Sat, Nov 28, 2015 at 6:30 PM, Yarnerinas wrote:


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