Craft Friday Giveaway

I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.

Nathaniel  Hawthorne

Welcome Craft Friday folks!  I’m hoping for a cold, unpleasant day for Craft Friday.  That will encourage me to stay inside and craft.  This fall has been so mild that I have been playing outside as much as possible.  Here’s a photo of a lovely ride on Sunday.  Orange vests are de riguer around here during deer season.

Sunday in November

Mine is the blonde with the big butt.  I am wearing a hand-knit sweater, but it isn’t really visible.  I am just telling you because this is a knitting blog, after all.

I want everyone to knit!  Or craft in some way.  To encourage you and celebrate Craft Friday leave a comment and enter into a drawing for one of these three skeins of pumpkin colored silk and merino laceweight.


The yarn is Swans Island Natural Colors.  They were a pale pink, not to my liking, so I overdyed them in the Dye Tent at Fiber College.  Badly.  ( I had photos of the dye tent, can’t find them for some reason.) The generous and talented Odacier fixed them up for me in this warm, autumnal tone.  Pumpkin seems perfect for the day after Thanksgiving, don’t you think?  Each skein (sans label) is about 50 grams, 530 yards of 50% Fine Merino Wool, 50% Tussah Silk.

So enter in the fun – leave a comment airing your biggest gripes about the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  Or anything, really.  Or what you want to make with this.  Or why you love the color.  Contest closes Thanksgiving at midnight.

Check out the Craft Friday pinterest board, too.  Beverly has been busy!


P.S.  I’ll mail your prize anywhere!


26 responses to “Craft Friday Giveaway

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  2. Not entering, but it’s pretty yarn, no matter how traumatizing the path was to reach that color. 🙂

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  4. I have seen this yarn, it is gorgeous ! Biggest gripe: the unavoidable advertising, no matter what media or physical space.

  5. I love the color–I have been very attracted by fox colored yarns this fall and this yarn fits the bill! Biggest gripe: commercials that started before Halloween!

  6. Love the pumpkin! And merino and silk… might be quite delightful. Of course I hate the early Xmas decorations in the shops, but I also am ruminating about wreath designs and am tapping my fingers waiting for Dec 1 when I can actually put a wreath on my door. I heard Christmas songs in a coffee shop the other day, almost ran out the door!

  7. That color is gorgeous. My biggest gripe about the holiday season is the all the Christmas stuff was in the stores before Halloween even got here. I think I need more pumpkin colored stuff in my wardrobe. 🙂

  8. I LOVE this color yarn because it reminds me of California sunshine!! Want.

  9. What a gorgeous shade of pumpkin!
    About holiday shopping, the Black Friday frenzy seems to bring out the worst in many shoppers, and it’s a terrible way to start off the season.

  10. What a beautiful shade of pumpkin. Perfect for the season. I hate the crowds in the stores and the fact that people are quite stressed.

  11. As requested, biggest gripe… is that ’12 days of Xmas’ seems to be ’12 weeks of Xmas’ … And that Santa isn’t real! Love the colour of the yarn, but me ‘n’ laceweight don’t really get on. Just wanted to comment rather than enter the comp..

    • So right! And that they are turning the 12 Days of Christmas into the ones before instead of the ones after, between Christmas and Feast of the Three Kings. Better for commerce that way…

      On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 6:47 PM, Yarnerinas wrote:


      • I very determinedly keep the holiday to Christmas-tide. I get to use the excuse now of keeping my daughter’s birthday on the 16th separate from Christmas! We don’t decorate or get our tree until after then, and we keep it up until Twelfth Night.

      • I’m with you there. I don’t understand putting the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing 12 days of…

        On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 10:24 AM, Yarnerinas wrote:


  12. Pumpkin is my favorite color ever! I have no gripes about Christmas. I love everything about it!

  13. I did knit on Craft Friday, it had bee a couple of weeks. Long time for me to be away from it. The yarn looks wonderful. Great color. I never think of overdying. I’ve only once knitted a silk/merino blend and loved it. It was also lace weight.

  14. My biggest problem with the holiday shopping season is that it starts way too early. They were putting up Christmas stuff before Halloween was even over.

  15. I love the colour because it reminds me of the wonderful colours I am seeing in my garden now. I would use it to make a lace weight cardigan if I won – I love knitting shawls but never wear them. I don’t have gripe about the holiday season, I just ignore it and carry on as usual. I don’t need to do anything for Christmas except turn up at my son’s house with their (knitted) presents. And the sloe gin.

  16. I love this color! It makes me think about fall, leaves, friends having tea and sharing stories together, time spent knitting ……
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway.
    asteride on Ravelry

  17. Lately, every day is Craft Friday around my place. I have embarked on a long-planned sock yarn scrap blanket which will continue for who-knows-how-long so that squash-colored yarn looks like an ideal way to play hooky and bang out a little lace cowl. I’ve just discovered the joys of homemade butternut squash soup and it’s just about the same color. 🙂

  18. I have already seen products marketed towards Valentine’s day in stores. Totally ridiculous!

  19. I am already tired of Christmas advertising. But I never seem to tire of Christmas music, thankfully.

  20. Starts way too early so I’m tired of it long before we sit down to dinner!

  21. hi yarnerina, that is a gorgeous shade of pumpkin and would make a lovely shawl, please include me in your drawing. my biggest gripe about the commercial christmas season is the mundane nature of the christmas music…i grew up on mario lanza christmas carols and other voices seem so thin and the music so tawdry. the ubiquitousness of christmas music is also aggravating, especially, as a previous commenter noted, it runs on from before halowwen through january. i also wonder why i can have no capital letters in this post…very strange indeed, i feel the lack of semicolons.

  22. I hate the commercialization of Christmas. I want to do things with my family that are free like baking together, going to church holiday programs, sledding, singing carols, enjoying meals together, making crafts. I love the pumpkin yarn would use it in a shawl. Thank you for the giveaway.

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