Another Twelfth Night

I was going to post pictures of all the gifts I knitted, but somehow, the pictures are not around.  Now I have to pester the recipients.  A new Christmas stocking for the new baby!  How could I have forgotten to take a picture?  Oh, yeah, I was knitting until the last second before mailing it.  Socks of leftover yarn.  Giant Christmas stocking.  My sister has promised a photo or two.  We’ll see.

But – the good news is that the Christmas gift-making tradition continued.  What used to be tiny humans satisfied with cookies and cocoa are now giant humans who can eat two pounds of carnitas and the fixings for lunch and then have cookies.  I love that they still want to make things.

Christmas Collage

Somehow the birdhouse, the cribbage board and something I can’t remember didn’t get photos.  I always get caught up in the fun and forget.  Oh, wait.  That’s the whole point!  I told these boys that girls find a guy who knows how to sew attractive.  That was seriously motivating.  A couple of high school kids had nose to the grindstone.  See that pie carrier in the middle?  He had never even threaded a needle.  So proud!  And the check-shirt sewer?  Thinks he has time while working on his mechanical engineering degree to sew and can I help him find a machine.  So sweet!

This was a low-key holiday here.  I had a bit of the Christmas blues and am happy to see Twelfth Night arrive.

Best wishes for 2016.  I hope to see more of you all!


12 responses to “Another Twelfth Night

  1. Wasn’t one of these dudes the model for the Malabrigo tiger hat pattern?

  2. Goodby to the blues – say hello to the greens (or color of your choice).

  3. Well hello to the makers of any sort. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

  4. Winter blues, woe. I hear ya. :/
    i love your family hanging out, being makers together. That is SERIOUSLY cool. 🙂

    • It sure is cool – family of choice, since my blood relatives are not here. Having the kids see they can do things is the best. Happy NEw Year!

      On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 8:54 AM, Yarnerinas wrote:


  5. Wow, they actually believed that girls find guys who sew attractive? I’d have thought they’d be more “yeah right, no way!” Well done you for piquing their interest, and I hope they continue their sewing activities!
    Happy New Year!

  6. You are training them right!

  7. My trouble too (late finishing Christmas gifts and forgetting the photos). I’m full of admiration at your students’ work and sympathy for your Christmas Blues, I share them. Is it an age thing? Onwards and Upwards, and thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments, always so encouraging

  8. I love that those boys are sewing!!!! My 12 yo ‘athetic’ oh,so,boy–grandson is all over my sewing machine every time I get it out. (Of course, he’s also my ‘sous chef’ in the kitchen and will dice and slice everything in sight!) I certainly find it attractive!!!!!

  9. I’ve stopped counting the times I’ve pulled out of the Post Office parking lot and realized I hadn’t photographed the knitted thing I just mailed. Tell your engineer-in-training that I established credit by buying a sewing machine as a college sophomore. Of course that was, um, a couple of years ago.

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