Drop Dead Easy Knits is Alive

And so am I!!!  So many days I write blog posts in my head, I even have photos to put up but I don’t want to do just do a drive-by post. As a result nothing gets put down here.  But I am so thrilled that the book project has finally come to fruition, that I’m driving by on my way to work.  Drop Dead Easy Knits is available at yarn stores, bookstores, from the publisher and on Amazon in the US, UK and Canada.  Also as an e-book for those who prefer it.  Yippeee!!!


And here is a silly video the three of us made about the book, with some Drop Dead Easy Tips.


More about all of this, and my attempt to finish my first Rhinebeck Sweater coming soon. Meanwhile, here’s a review from the wonderful Mason Dixon Knitting folks (Who have a gorgeous blanket in the book!) that captures our intention perfectly.

You and I often talk about the joys of knitting below one’s skill level. So much of the pleasure of knitting is in doing it while watching the world go by, talking with friends, enduring otherwise unendurable people/places/experiences, waiting for the hold music to stop…. The list of things we can knit along to goes on and on, but the knitting has to be a certain kind of knitting.

While you are at it, go look at the rest of the new MDK site.  And hang onto your wallets.  Or not.


6 responses to “Drop Dead Easy Knits is Alive

  1. Congratulations on the book! Ordering from Amazon. So glad you’re going to Rhinebeck! Now that I live in the south rather than NYC I will not be going. My very favorite Rhinebeck purchases to this day are a fabulous basket made by Wendy Jenson, and a Norm Hall spinning wheel; I also took home a baby angora bunny who spent many happy years with us. The yarn choices are mindbending. Oh, you are so lucky to be going! Have a fabulous time!

  2. The bunny did immediately eat all the miniature roses that were blooming in my living room. But she supplied me with such wonderful fiber, I forgave her.

  3. Congrats! Must go check it out. 🙂

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