Rhinebeck and beyond

I am so excited about going to Rhinebeck for the first time!  The book signing schedule is below, but if anyone wants to get together post in the comments and I’ll email you back.  Followers of Jean?    Anyone?  I am packing and frantically trying to finish the Parley Cardigan from Drop Dead Easy Knits in Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio DK.

Parley cardigan

Parley cardigan

Such beautiful yarn!  So little time!  Where are the buttons? I’ve joined the body and sleeves and am starting the yoke.  Will I make it?  I have other sweaters, so I may be knitting this all weekend.  Working in a fairly tightly plied yarn is really different than the Briggs and Little Sport singles that I designed in.  Glad there will be all sorts of spinners to help me out.

If you want to check it out or even better, come get a copy of DROP DEAD EASY KNITS  signed by me and my co-authors, and touch all the samples from the book, we will be on a teeny tiny tour.

Saturday & Sunday OCT 15 & 16th in Rhinebeck NY at the  NY Sheep & Wool
Saturday 10-11:30 am and 4-5pm
Sunday  10am-1 pm
booksigning and trunk show in the barn where all the author events take place

Tuesday October 18th at Knit New Haven in New Haven CT 4-6 pm (or so)
trunk show & booksigning

Thursday October 20 at Knitty City in NYC, Upper West Side, 6-8 pm
we’ll present a fun slide talk about making the book and all that is in it, along with signing books and trunk show

And while reading the article about Leonard Cohen in the current New Yorker I heard that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature.  How cool is that!



5 responses to “Rhinebeck and beyond

  1. I love the Parley cardigan — it may be the first thing I knit from the book. Have been looking at sweater patterns for weeks, and this one seems just right. My book hasn’t arrived yet, thanks for the preview! Your book tour is taking you to wonderful places. I hope you have a very happy time at all of them. P.S. I’ve been reading Jean’s blog since her very early days, but in all those years the computer has allowed only one comment to go through; so I correspond with her by email.

  2. Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

    Have a wonderful time. Wish I were there!

  3. It was so much fun to meet you today, Mary Lou. I hope other “friends of Jean” turned up too, and that you all had a wonderful day at Rhinebeck.
    I’m enjoying the book already.

  4. Okay, I just watched the video from your previous post and now absolutely MUST buy your book. I laughed! I learned! And it was good to see several of the projects in action, as it were.

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