Girl Clothes and Pockets

Being back east meant some family time.  I have a big (big) family, scattered around, but the core is still in New Jersey and I miss seeing them more.  Especially the littles, as they grow so darn fast.  Here’s a lovely shot of a just-woken-up-by a newly-minted kindergartener-and-her-brother visiting aunt, plus the goofs goofing around.


In reality, Miss M didn’t want to share me with her brother very much.  After all, when we color together he just wants to grab the crayons and paper.  “Can’t you get him out of here?” She was particularly interested in my ability to make clothing.  It seemed a novel idea to her.  “Aunt Lou, can you make me a dress with pockets?  Because girl clothes have ZERO pockets!”  I agree, and yes, of course I can. We even looked at fabric on-line.  She wanted stars or planets and chose the blue, with the planets second place. I’m sure I can find something like it locally.  If not, there is always Clementine Maine to the rescue!

It was fun to see her think about sleeve length, dress length, and  pocket placement.  “Can you make matching leggings, too?”  This is when I do wish I lived much closer.

Any suggestions on simple dresses (with pockets) patterns gladly accepted.


5 responses to “Girl Clothes and Pockets

  1. So cute!
    And omg, the lack of pockets for women starts so early. And strangely, it doesn’t condition us to not want pockets… Rather the opposite.

  2. How about MADRASA? Customizable & cute. Could be made longer as a dress.

  3. This is the best! I know that you will never let her have pocket deficit again- she’s a lucky girl. With excellent taste in fabrics I might add.

  4. Totally with Miss M on the pockets thing! I bought some men’s jeans for myself a few years ago, and was amazed at the difference in the pockets. Many of my daughters’ jeans have FAKE front pockets — what’s up with that?

    Of course, you can add pockets to most sewing patterns, and possibly some ready-made clothes, too —

    • I know – I have some jeans that have a really shallow back pocket that is barely functional. This summer I made a couple of linen skirts with pockets and missed them when wearing non-pocketed items. That tutorial is great, thanks! I can just get a basic pattern and go wild. (Of course she wants matching leggings, too.)

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