Easy Peasy Lace Socks – Idlewild

I am a lazy knitter in general, but with socks I am especially reluctant to do anything that requires me to look at a pattern.  I have made enough socks that I can take some yarn, guess at the gauge, and get going.  Self-striping yarn is a real bonus, because then it looks like I did something difficult, at least to a non-knitter.

However, I am trying to knit most of the projects in Drop Dead Easy Knits, so I pulled some light blue sock yarn out of the stash and cast on for the Idlewild Socks, designed by Kirsten Kapur. (photo by Gale Zucker)

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I can’t find the yarn label for the yarn I am using.  I think it is some Periwinkle Sheep I got at Sock Summit in 2009.  So yeah, it is well-aged.  I will use no yarn before its time!

Photo Aug 23, 8 06 03 AM

Back to the socks.  I did have to look at the pattern initially, but they are really drop-dead easy. (Branding, ya’ll!) There is only one round out of four that requires attention. I even took it to a St. Paul Saints game last night, and made good progress. Photo Aug 22, 9 02 46 PM

Truth in advertising! These are named for Idlewild Airport, because they are a good design to work on while waiting, and I agree.

I generally prefer to make socks on bamboo double points. I have a routine where I cast on one cuff, then the other, and do my two-at-time on-double points. This hasn’t been working so well for this pari. One thing I learned is that bamboo knitting needles must get more brittle with age. I am using US 0 needles, and have broken 2 so far.  Granted, I am a bit careless with where and how I stash a project bag, so I cannot blame it entirely on the needles.

Photo Aug 23, 8 28 17 AM

To safeguard my remaining needles, I switched to magic loop. I bought a set of tiny Chia Goo interchangeables a couple of years ago in a weak moment, and I have never used them.  Now is the time.

Photo Aug 23, 8 05 26 AM

I do really like them.  The cord is nice and flexible, the points are pointy, and so far I have not broken them, or even bent them.  So far. I dislike doing two at a time on one long circular, so I have to make do with sequential sock knitting.

By this time of year I generally have some socks set aside for holiday gifts, but as of today I have two only pair of heavy Oxbow socks, and now 1.5 Idlewild socks. If I intend to do gift socks, I’d better get cracking.

Are you still knitting socks?  Got a drawerful yet?



11 responses to “Easy Peasy Lace Socks – Idlewild

  1. My sock drawer is full but I do have a list of people who want socks. I also have the Drop Dead Easy book, and I also bought that same ChiaGoo set which I also haven’t used. So I think you have decided my next project for me. Some pale green yarn will do. Thanks for the guidance. I hope they are as easy as you and the book claim!

  2. They look good so far!
    I have a lot of socks, but they’re getting to be of an age at which I should be knitting replacements faster than I am…

  3. throughtheloops

    Thanks for reminding me about that little Chiaogoo set. I need to dig mine out. Now I’m thinking about a pair of Idlewilds in self striping sock yarn…

  4. Those look great! Use no yarn before its time !
    Ps I can’t get my brain around 2 socks on dpn’s . You never cease to amaze me ML!

  5. I’ve got the book, and have been looking for more easy lace socks. Very timely post!

  6. Those look like fun socks! And I think I must take a look at the book, too… I enjoy knitting socks, but lately have been frustrated by difficult patterning.

    (Found you through your comment on Chris’ post. The one about the manic pixie dream girl.)

  7. I have lots of socks, but I stashed most of them in giant ziplock bags at the beginning of summer…and now most of the single-strand ones are missing! There is a big ziplock somewhere in the house.

  8. I am on my 7th pair of socks for the year – almost all gifts. I have a drawer full of socks but none are lace. I decided to not make lace socks any more because it’s just asking for trouble – making socks with holes already started. That said, I have that book and I also have a skein of plain sock yarn that would probably look really good in that pattern …

  9. Lovely! and yes – I do have a drawerful, how did you know? I need to get cracking on socks for Rick for the holidays – I try to do one small thing each for him and the girls. I’m almost done with a cowl for Tess, so I’d better start planning the rest!

  10. This makes me want to return to knitting! I haven’t done it for a while so I may have to take a class again…

  11. About to embark on my first pair of socks, wish me luck!

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