Risers This is more of a clarification I have had questions about the difference in number of repeats for the smaller vs. larger sizes.
Short: Repeat rounds 1-15.
Long: Repeat rounds 1 through 9.
(This is correct – the short version is taller, because it doesn’t wrap around the neck.) Perhaps I should say short circumference.

Beanie and Lena

Beanie Knit two rounds, begin pattern repeat:
Rnd 1:  *RT, LT, p4; rep. from *, end p4.
Lena Knit one round. Begin pattern repeat:
Rnd 1:  *RT, LT, p6; rep. from *, end p6.

Neap Tide  If your pattern doesn’t have a little revised September date in the lower right, then there is an error in Decrease Section 1. Rows 1, 5, 9, and 13 should read K1, yo, k2tog, K to 2 stitches before marker (instead of K to marker),K2tog, yo, slip M, work edging.

Coquille from Knitty:

Row 4 RS: K2 K1, inc 1 twice, k1. 7 sts.
Row numbering in final section is off. Just work them in order.

Yarni Lace Baby Sweater #33 PDF of corrections


#44 Knotted Cables Hat
Decrease should read:
Round 5:  *K1B, P1, P2tog, rep. from *
Round 6:  *K1B, P2 repeat from *
Round 7:  *K1B, P2tog
Round 8:  *K2tog tbl, repeat from *

6 responses to “Errata

  1. I am knitting the Coquille shawl. I have a question about the short rows. I am doing the repeats in section two. The last sentence in the section says to repeat rows 1-12 twice more. Do I repeat the short rows also between rows 2 and 3? It is not clear to me since the sentence above says “Rows 7-12: Work as for rows 1-6, omitting the short rows.”
    I will assume that if the short rows are repeated in section two than they are also repeated in the rest of the sections.
    The shawl is easy to knit and I am enjoying it.

    Thank you


  2. Spinachspaghetti


    I was wondering if you can help me make some clarifications.

    I am knitting your slouchy hat from “Garter Rib Hats and Mitts M.L. Egan Design #69” on Ravelry.

    I’m having trouble with the first two increase rounds.

    Inc rnd 1 says to:
    k1, m1, k1, p2.

    That makes five stitches.
    Then Round 2 knit

    inc rnd 3 says to:
    k2, p1, m1, p1

    That also makes a total of five stitches.

    If both rnd 1 and rnd 3 make five stitches how does it go from a total of 120 sts to 144 sts as noted in the pattern?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • The increases are repeated – however, I did see an error in the second increase round, so thanks for that! My tech editor fixed it, but I missed the correction in the final copy.

      Here’s how I see it – Inc. Rnd 1: *K1, M1, k1, p2; *rep from * to end.* (120 sts) the repeat is 4, which goes into 96 24 times, so 24 sts are added, one for each repeat. That makes 120. Rnd 2: Knit

      Inc. Rnd 3: *K2, *K3*, P1, M1, p1; *rep from * to end*.

      (144 sts) again, you add 24 sts to this round, one for each repeat.

      Does that make sense?

  3. Spinachspaghetti

    Thank you for responding, but I’m sorry I’m still a bit confused.

    I have the 120 sts from inc rnd 1 and the knit row.

    I’m still trying to understand how to do inc rnd 3. Maybe because I’m not interpreting the notation right. I think the *k2 *k3* part is confusing me about the order the knitting should go. And where does the p1 m1 p1 go in the midst of that?

  4. I’m in search of errata for your Polliwog pullover. I’m making the largest size. I’m instructed to make 20 stripes of each color. That would be 120 rows, at 8 rows to the inch, I’d have 15 inches plus my ribbing. Yet length D on the schematic is 6.25in.

    There is a ravelry note that it should be a total of 17 stripes, size not specified. That is 6.375 and then I have to add the ribbing.

    Can you get the correct info for all sizes?

    Pretty disappointing-I haven’t bought a knitting book in a long time. At least you gave me a schematic. If those measurements are correct, I can just figure it out.

  5. I’m knitting the Parley Cardigan and I have a question about decrease round. It says to knit till 2 stitches before marker k2tog slip marker, knit to second marke, ssk, knit to end of row. Do I slip the 2nd maker and than knit ssk? Or ssk before marker?


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