Below are links for a few free patterns. Mary Lou’s patterns are available online on Ravelry and at Patternfish.

Both MLEgan and Theresa Gaffey Designs patterns can be mail-ordered from the Yarnery.

Yarn-Craft Supplies
940 Freeway Dr. N.
Columbus, OH 43229
614-842-9276  TOLL FREE 888-451-2710
Email: or

Simple Scarves for Red Scarf Project

Dulaan Cloud Cardi


Stockinette Square No-Sew Blankets

Useful Gloves 1944

3 responses to “Patterns

  1. Hi:

    I found the pattern for Coquille on and would like to knit one and donate it to my children’s schools spring fundraising auction. I don’t want to break any copyrights, artistic licenses, etc., so want to make sure this would be all right with you.


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  3. Hello!
    I knit in a group that knit with donated wool. We knit and sell it. The profit on a sale we spend groups. I want knit some coquilles to sale. Can I do that?
    I would be glat to do that.

    Yours sincerely
    Regine Timm

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