Coquille Italiano

Doesn’t that sound like the name of a wonderful dish?  I am attracted by anything Italiano. (Unless, of course, it is on a menu in a midwestern restaurant.)  In this case, Barbara (melaguendy on Ravelry) asked to translate Coquille into Italian.  This translation is a Big Night meal;  it  is effusive, every word and more translated, you tube video links for techniques – a real seven course dinner!  Bring on the Grappa.  Grazie, Barbara.

Thanks to all your moral support and suggestions,  I finally finished Acorns.  I modified Helen‘s idea of a shawl collar and decreased using short rows to tighten the neckline.  Here it is.

I cut my head out of the picture because the combination of  6 degrees outside and 6:30 in the morning did not result in an attractive self portrait.  I wore the sweater to work and several non-knitters said it was ‘adorable,’ so I guess the modifications worked.

In the future, though, no fitted sweaters in anything heavier than sport weight.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Also, Jess and I were talking about the trend towards larger necklines in sweaters, wondering if it is  fashion, or a lack of attention to fitting in the pattern writing?  I think in the case of Acorns, it is certainly planned to fit that way, I just didn’t like it.

You all had lots of ideas regarding tea towels vs. dish towels, linen vs. cotton, toweling vs. smooth.  The funniest was from Melinda, who often shares quirks of life in Switzerland.  “Randomly, there’s a code here for towels. The striped ones are for your hands and the ones with squares for drying dishes. Unfortunately, I have trouble remembering which is which.”  That would be me, disgracing myself at every turn.  I did make a bunch of colorful new napkins, though, and am pleased with the result.

A closing shot of what it looks like trying to back out of my driveway in the early morning semi-darkness.  Hint – those are not icebergs.

14 responses to “Coquille Italiano

  1. It’s a gorgeous sweater!!

    I hate the larger necklines – on pullovers, they look weird with t-shirts underneath.

    Those mounds of snow look like the ones keeping us from seeing if traffic’s coming when we try to leave our alley…

  2. Oof, that looks cold! I bet that new sweater feels pretty good 🙂 I am with you on the choice of yarn weight for fitted sweaters – I find myself knitting sweaters at a finer and finer gauge (the last one using sock yarn on size three needles); they fit better, and I wear them more that way.

  3. Acorns looks fabulous. I love a larger neckline, it makes me feel less like I’m wearing boy clothes all winter. Also I like seeing layers and different colors/textures, under the sweater. And it leaves room for a scarf or cowl (pile on those knits). I’m not a crew neck fan in any season though.

  4. It look s great on you. I’m going to follow your lead with the neckline.

  5. Acorns does look adorable. I’m not a fan of larger necklines, or for that matter, plunging ones. If I’m wearing a sweater, it’s because I’m cold.

  6. I think larger necklines are fashionable, and I don’t like them. My upper back is sensitive to the cold! I like the mods to your acorn, and love, love, love the colour. I wish that buying red yarn would somehow generate me a cool red cardigan.

    I can not believe the amount of snow that you have – stay warm!

  7. Would you make the “how-to” of your modified Acorn neckline available somewhere? On your Ravelry projects page, perhaps (and let us know your Rav name, please). I can do the math myself, but always like to see someone else’s approach. Wide necklines are so uncomfortable in cold weather.

  8. Your Acorn is beautiful – I love the color. I for one like the wider/deeper necklines, even though that’s the part of me that gets cold first!

  9. Your cardi looks great. And the color make me long for raspberry pie.

  10. All this calls for the revival of the dickey!

  11. Great sweater! The larger necklines are, I think, a fashion thing. As I am always too warm in not-home places, I kind of like the big necklines. My neck is what cools me. But for most people wearing a sweater is code for keeping warm.

  12. I remember I really liked Big Night, but I can’t remember why so it must be time to watch it again. Oh goodie.

  13. Late to the party. A. I don’t like large, wide necklines either. Not graceful. B. I agree DK is better than fatter – for almost any sweater. C. Is that a car under there???

  14. Forgot to add. LOVE your mods!

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