Milliners to the Resistance

That’s what my non-knitting long-time dearest friend called me when she asked me to make four more pussyhats!  (I made one for her and one for her sister to wear in DC.) I love that –  we all are milliners to the resistance. Here’s the latest New Yorker:


Better late than never, here are photos from the Minnesota March.

When I boarded a city bus there were plenty of other hats.  A favorite, but blurry photo, was a knitter finishing her hat.  “I wish I had finished this last night.”  Lament of knitters everywhere.

So many hats, all handmade.  I thought about the images and visual statement of the Suffragists.  Color served as a means of instant recognition then, and now.

The Saturday Night Live on the night of the march used this, when Olga Povlatsky (Kate McKinnon) appears behind Putin.  Everyone in the audience immediately recognized it and applauded.


The kids I saw and talked with were the most fun, and were happy to show the signs they made ‘by myself.’

I initially had mixed emotions about going to the march, but I am so happy I did.  I was supposed to meet up with friends, but it in a crowd of nearly 100,000  (20,000 expected at the most) that was a challenge.  My friend Jill waited for me at the bus stop, or we wouldn’t have found one another either. (Fort Tryon keeping me bundled up.) And some girls just wanna demonstrate and have fun all around.

One last hat I stalked at the march for a photo.  My Tendrils Hat, seen in the wild!





11 responses to “Milliners to the Resistance

  1. Knit, knit, knit! I also had that lament as I was finishing my at a pre-march brunch. But it got done! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Thanks for sharing your march experience! 🙂

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  4. So good to see those hats! I’ve got some pink yarn deep in my stash, so although I didn’t make it to the local women’s march (in Edinburgh), I’m guessing there will be other times and other occasions when a pussyhat might be needed.

  5. Thanks for protesting. From Australia, we are so worried, and the protests do seem to be having a positive effect.

  6. Milliner to the resistance – I love it! I was behindhand in making hats. But one went back with my older daughter to college, and another will be cast on for the younger tonight. We all figure there are more protests in our future… The march here in San Diego was larger and more powerful than I could have expected. I’m sure I’ll post some (late) pictures of it at some point myself – thanks for the inspiration!

  7. For Christmas I gave my leftie son a t-shirt that said, “Science is not a liberal conspiracy.” (Got one for myself, too.)

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  9. Yay! It’s good to resist … all ways, big and small 🙂

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