Glama Wrap – Malabrigo Mecha Giveaway

Lucky you! Malabrigo is offering enough Mecha to make the gorgeous Glama wrap from Drop Dead Easy Knits, designed by Ms. Through the Loops, Kirsten Gustafson Kapur.

DropDead Easy_Glama

Glama is named for the longest river in Norway, winding along as the stitch pattern does. (Apologies to linguists out there – we didn’t use the diacratic å.) The yarn that inspired it is from the other end of the world – Malabrigo Mecha, but in an appropriate color – Polar Morn.


Mecha is that rare, single-ply superwash yarn. Merino takes color in the most vivid, rich way. Mecha is vividly dyed. Even in the lighter shades, it has multi-layered hues.   Squishy and soft, it has a slight thick-and-thin texture, a fantastic loft, and is described as “the perfect size for quick but not-too-heavy projects.” Which describes Glama perfectly.

Here is a close-up of the stitch pattern in the original idea for a color:


Kirsten said she envisioned a project that worked up quickly, and saw someone “knitting a warm shawl by the fire on a cold night. As the Glama Wrap grows, you can spread the finished end across your lap to keep you extra toasty. Worked in bulky yarn with a simple stitch pattern, this cozy wrap knits up so quickly you’ll find yourself wanting to cast on another one as soon as you finish the first.”

This project has really beautiful drape, and is cozy. The poor model was wearing it on a steamy July day in Connecticut while Gale Zucker took photos. You can’t tell, can you?

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To have a chance to win the Mecha, leave a comment on this post and we’ll use a random drawing for that lucky someone.


148 responses to “Glama Wrap – Malabrigo Mecha Giveaway

  1. Love the wrap! Love Malabrigo yarn. A most excellent combination. I sure would love to win 🙂

  2. There’s a sticky note on this page in my copy of Drop Ded Easy Knits. It’s one I definitely have to make!

  3. These are gorgeous! Absolutely love them. Thanks for the chance to win

  4. Valerie webster


  5. Wow love malabrigo, and that wrap is gorgeous

  6. Rosalia Gomez

    Looks like the perfect wrap to carry with you!

  7. Love the book, love the wrap, love Malabrigo. Haven’t tried Mecha yet. What a nice thing, to have a chance to win some — thanks!

  8. Beautiful design!

  9. That wrap looks so warm, and I bet the Mecha would make it super squishy

  10. So beautiful! The blue of the yarn matches the color of early summer in Norway; the stitch pattern is like the interlace design on Viking patterns.

  11. Love it. It looks so cozy.

  12. Laurie Botting

    Lovely book! I would live to knit this up in Malabrigo!

  13. Katherine M Nguyen

    Oh my, this is lovely! I would love to make this!

  14. Love the pattern and the yarn!

  15. Love Malabrigo. Love this pattern. What a happy person I would be if I won.

  16. Lisa McCargar

    what a beautiful wrap! and that mecha yarn is to die for!

  17. I love knitting and I love yarn. It’s a beautiful wrap and I would love to knit the wrap!

  18. Such a beautiful garment!

  19. Lovely wrap pattern and yarn. Just right for Pennsylvania winter night.

  20. I *love* large rectangular wraps like this! And Malabrigo…swoon!

  21. Sherry Cassilly

    The combination is perfect. That dreamy grey- blue, that supple stitch combination. Outstanding. I have purchased Drop Dead Easy Knits and just need more time to knit! Thank you for the chance to win

  22. So cozy!

  23. Oh, that is lovely — and the gray is one of my favorite shades. Yes, please!

  24. Love the book, Love the wrap, and Love Malabrigo Mecha. Thanks for this chance to win 🙂

  25. this is one of my favorite projects from the book!

  26. The Glama Wrap is absolutely “Glama-rous” in Malabrigo Mecha.
    Thanks for the kind generosity of this give-away.
    May luck be with me!!

  27. Love the wrap. Pretty design.

  28. Beautiful wrap and yarn!

  29. What a gorgeous wrap!

  30. I would love to win this!

  31. This wrap is gorgeous and can be worn several different ways! It’s definitely going in my queue.

  32. What a lovely shawl, and I love the yarn!

  33. Wow, just love the shawl design and that yarn!

  34. Beautiful yarn/pattern combo. I have the book, hadn’t noticed thecwrap!

  35. So very pretty.

  36. That pattern is one my “to do” list!!

  37. So pretty! And I love the book. Kirsten and Gale recently came to my local knitting guild which was a real treat.

  38. Beautiful wrap!

  39. Jenessa Keller

    A beautiful wrap! I can see myself snuggling in it all winter long.

  40. I had the awesome opportunity to attend a retreat where Kirsten was the guest teacher. The collaboration you two did for this book is wonderful!! Well-written and gorgeous designs! Thanks!

  41. This pattern is one of my favorites in a book full of great patterns!

  42. Holly Anne Conti

    Just finished knitting my Camurac Cardigan from this book & would LOVE to win the yarn to knit this stunning shawl✨

  43. I would jump at the chance to knit this beautiful pattern with this beautiful yarn.

  44. Love this shawl and the whole book! There are so many patterns in it that I want to make! I had the opportunity to meet Kirsten in Alaska and adored her and her sample of this shawl!

  45. What a gorgeous shawl in such a beautiful color!

  46. Holy cow this is lovely! Today’s overcast and damp, and this makes me want to cast on RIGHT NOW.

  47. Mecha is my favorite Malabrigo yarn!

  48. Wow this is beautiful and so kind of you to do. I have never read your blog before and couldn’t stop. I have added you to my blog reading list, thank you. I have been eyeing the Drop Dead knits patterns so I thank you for putting me over the edge to get it!

  49. It’s a lovely color and Kirsten’s patterns are always a joy to knit.

  50. Gorgeous wrap! The stitch pattern looks easy to memorize as well!

  51. Wendy Cappetta

    This wrap is so gorgeous! I would love to wrap up in this ANY day of the year! Thank you for the beautiful design.

  52. Carol Gauthier

    This is one of the patterns I have earmarked in your book. So pretty!

  53. This is gorgeous!! Love Kirsten’s designs!

  54. Linda Stoner

    I LOVE the Glama Wrap and, of course, Malabrigo anything!

  55. This is so beautiful!! I would love the chance to make it with Malabrigo.

  56. How exciting! I finally learned to knit because of this book and, specifically, this pattern. I haven’t tried it yet (working on the tank right now. IG: TrekkieChick29) but winning the yarn for it would certainly be the final push I need 🙂 thanks for the chance!!

  57. Carolyn Carroll

    Love the wrap pattern. Love that yarn. Pick me!

  58. Another awesome design from Kirsten! Love this!

  59. Love the wrap, total Kirsten fan!

  60. It is gorgeous – and has been on my list to make since the book came out. Beautiful color!

  61. Joani Feiner

    It’s beautiful!

  62. Nicknameless

    What a gorgeous shawl and such a lush color!

  63. Totally awesome project!

  64. Mecha is just gorgeous. A friend commissioned me to make her a hat a few months ago and bought Mecha for it. I loved it so much that I got it to make a cardigan for my new nephew. The whole time I was knitting with it I kept saying, “It’s like butter!”
    And then Mecha paired with Kirsten’s design? Wonderful!

  65. I love this! The wavy pattern does look like a river, especially in that perfect shade. I love all of Malabrigo’s yarns and Mecha is just as you describe it; it’s a delight to knit and to wear. Have you worked this pattern yet in a summer yarn? Or maybe a cotton/wool blend?

  66. I love that wrap and adore Malabrigo!

  67. Nancy Skinner

    I’ve knit with Mecha before. Love it. And the Glama Wrap looks like a fun knit.

  68. This wrap looks so cozy and I would love to try out the Mecha line of Malabrigo!

  69. Oh I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  70. How lovely to be in the company of one who will use the word “diacritic” in a blog post! More! More!

  71. Which I of course misspelled and found myself unable to edit. 😖

  72. What a pretty stitch pattern!

  73. I love the pattern. Please send me the yarn! 🙂

  74. Beautiful model, beautiful design, beautiful color, wonderful yarn and great opportunity. Thanks!

  75. I favorited that pattern when the book came out. I’d love to make it with this yarn!

  76. My favorite yarn and a beautiful pattern!

  77. Beautiful wrap and I’ve not tried this yarn yet. What a great giveaway!

  78. The yarn is amazing! I bought the book at Rhinebeck – signed by all three of you! I’d love to knit this wrap!

  79. I love this pattern, and all in the book. So happy i bought my copy in Rhinebeck!

  80. Karen Carney

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity–love this wrap and all the patterns in the book!

  81. Beautiful pattern, beautiful yarn. What a great combo!

  82. Ohhhhhh! One of my favorite patterns from the book and one of my favorite yarns. It would be a real treat to win the giveaway! I’m working on an Ethel and Lucy cowl right now in the Knightsbridge yarn and really enjoying it!

  83. So beautiful – love that whole book, but making it in Mecha would be lovely!

  84. That’s a great pattern – love wraps with pattern on both sides

  85. Suzanne Barnes

    Gorgeous wrap!

  86. This is beautiful and would look lovely on me

  87. That stitch looks like fun and the finished wrap would be very usable.

  88. That is definitely going in my knitting queue!

  89. Gorgeous pattern! It would be amazing to win this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  90. So beautiful!

  91. Theresa DiBlanca

    Great wrap!

  92. Laura Pengra

    I bought this book (Drop Dead Easy Kits) and I just love it! Would love to win the yarn to knit this gorgeous Glama Wrap up! (Itching to cast on the Kiawah V Neck, too!

  93. So are they happy to post international? It looks lovely.

  94. Love the wrap! This will be delicious in Mecha!

  95. Beautiful 🙂

  96. Wonderful yarn and pattern — pattern looks like an easy enough knit and I’ve loved every Malabrigo I’ve used. Kirsten’s patterns are always lovely and her instructions are the best ever!

  97. Alison Fielder

    I bought this book as soon as it came out because of this gorgeous wrap. I am dying to make it.

  98. What a lovely, cozy wrap! Must knit this. 🙂

  99. Such a beautiful wrap! I have wanted to knit it since I bought the book at Rhinebeck! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  100. The Glama Wrap is beautiful and looks like a lot of fun to knit! I wear mostly shawls, ponchos and stoles, so this would be perfect for my wardrobe.

  101. Malabrigo has such vibrant colors! The pattern is really beautiful.

  102. Susan Richelson

    A lovely classic wrap. I would love to win the yarn to make one.

  103. Love the pattern, the yarn and the whole book!

  104. I love how the yarn takes the colour – the shawl glows!

  105. I was fortunate to attend Mohonk Mountain House Knitting Weekend with both @galezucker and @throughtheloops and let me tell you, it was a fabulous time! I loved the Drop Dead Easy Knits trunk show, the Glama Shawl was SO COZY! Thank you for this opportunity!

  106. I love this pattern. It’s one of the reasons I bought the book.

  107. So much to love with the pattern and the color of the Mecha yarn. what a nice wrap to gift or keep. Need to start working on mine soon!!

  108. I would love to be able to try this yarn, and the shawl looks fantastic!!

  109. Ooh, beautiful! I have a daughter living in a cold place who might could need a wrap like that 🙂

  110. That yarn and shawl look amazing! I have never worked with Malibrigo yarn but it looks so squishy!! And the colors are drool worthy:)

  111. This wrap is beautiful. The model is doing a great job of hiding the heat factor!

  112. Jane Scaplen

    I love how this yarn works with this pattern. Beautiful!

  113. This pattern looks great! Such a beautiful color too!

  114. Lovely pattern. I recently bought my first skeins of Malabrigo yarn and love it. So soft, and the colors are gorgeous.

  115. Great Scott! 124 comments already! Well, make mine 125 — the Mecha looks scrumptious, and I love that color.

  116. Kirsten Kapur is such a talented designer! Love the simple chic pattern and a great combination with the stunning yarn!

  117. Brenda Kuykendall

    Wow! How beautiful! I would wear this all the time!

  118. Lorraine Gates

    Love the way knitting can bring so many beautiful things together. Lovely yarn and a super pattern, north and south hemispheres, loads of knitters from all over. Would love to knit this up

  119. I am a huge Malabrigo fan. Fabulous yarn. I’ve participated in two of Kirsten’s Sock MKALs and they were both great fun. Her patterns are well written and are a pleasure to knit! I’d love to knit this wrap in a new to me Malabrigo base!

  120. Beautiful yarn, beautiful pattern, beautiful model. I love Kirsten’s designs and would love to knit this. I’ve decided I should knit everything in the yarns specified in patterns & not try to branch out, as every time I’ve strayed has not been a good experience.

  121. Awesome pattern/yarn combination. Tossing my hat in the ring for the drawing.

  122. Melanie R Lepage-Forest

    Love the pattern and the yarn. It would be so cozy to wear this during our cold winters.

  123. Love the wrap, yarn, and book!

  124. Thank you for the giveaway! The wrap is very pretty, it looks simple and easy to make and the Malabrigo yarn is a great choice for the pattern.

  125. Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

    I love a beautiful grey, and that Polar Morn really hits the sweet spot. In a chic, non-fussy shawl pattern – perfect.

  126. It looks so gorgeous and the yarn is to die for!

  127. Just got the book and win or nor this project is next on my list!

  128. MaureenTakoma

    Am I too late to put my name in for the drawing? I’ve been paging through your book for a while and had narrowed down the list of what to first try to either Glama or Parley. While I understand why you gals went with the blue colorway for the photo shoot, I really like that acidic spring green/yellow featured in your close up.

  129. I would LOVE to knit this wrap. I’m excited for the chance to win!

  130. I don’t know which would be more fun – knitting this beautiful wrap or wearing it 🙂

  131. Beautiful model. She looks cool as a cucumber.

  132. Lovely wrap and perfect project for cold wet summer evenings. They do happen sometimes!

  133. Beautiful yarn, beautiful pattern. Would love the chance to win.

  134. Linnea Pearson

    Love this yarn and pattern! Have made several things from this book already, the Glama wrap would be lovely to add to that list!

  135. Simone niemczura

    I would love to knit Gamma!!!!

  136. Helen (stickeri)

    I have already bought the book. Of course I would love to knit the Glåma wrap!


    Beautiful yarn and pattern! Is it too late to leave a comment?

  138. Beautiful pattern, and the yarn is perfect for it.