Bobble Nightmare

It’s no secret that I don’t care for bobbles.  (See how nicely I said that?  When I was little, my mother would always correct me when I said I hated something.  Just say “I don’t care for that. ”  or “I don’t care for any, thank you.”)

However, I was recruited to teach a class at the Yarnery for a group of friends who want to make the Great American Aran Afghan.  And, folks, if you haven’t seen this selection of prize winning squares from Knitters Magazine, it is rather heavy on the bobbles, in my opinion.  You see, in case I haven’t told you, I don’t care for bobbles, thank you.  I will have to come to terms with them, however, in order to do justice to this class.  Here is my first square, (designed by Suzanne Atkinson) not blocked, but sure bobblicious.  If you want to see how nice this afghan can look, check out Susan Rainey’s version.
GAA square.JPG

As a result of looking at all these squares, and having conversations about the remodeling project and what furniture will fit where, I had a dream that we bought a new loveseat and I knitted an Aran slipcover for it, full of bobbles.  Oooh, comfy.


9 responses to “Bobble Nightmare

  1. Oh, yeah. lumpity lumpity lump. 🙂

    Bobbles are evil. And they look like death warmed over after they’ve been washed a few times. Also, I’m pretty sure Mayhem would bite them off.

  2. Hi, MLE!! I would be happy to bring mine in sometime!

  3. I Agree with Chris (Does she have an animal named Mayhem? – if so, what a great name! I might have to steal that sometime). As my mother obviously went to the same school as your mother, I won’t say I hate bobbles, but I will say I loathe them. Loathe. They make me break out in hives. Eeeeeeeewwwwww! No bobbles for me thank you very much. I don’t care for them.

    And since when does Aran contain bobbles? I thought it’s bobblelessness was an inherent, and very endearing, trait.

  4. Now, I don’t object to a bobble here or there, maybe a small one inside a big cable or something, but I must say I don’t particularly care for that square. There’s rather too much going on for one little square, isn’t there?

    I never really cared for those cable/bobble trees — something very witchy about them, although this is a rather restrained version! But that’s just me…

    And now I can say to my kids, “Oh, I don’t really care for that behaviour, dear!” That’ll throw ’em!

  5. I LOVE bobbles! No. Not really. But the square does look good.

  6. Bwahaha!! Now I’m envisioning some poor person coming to sit on that couch, shifting uncomfortably, trying to think of a nice way to say “I don’t care to sit on bobbles, thank you very much”. 🙂

  7. Well, you just got me to buzz on over to Amazon and buy the pattern. Will I ever knit it? I’m thinking it would be a nice shower gift when one of my boys gets married… in 5 or 10 years. Yeah, in 5 or 10 years.

  8. A few years ago, the squares we made for our guild afghan were full of bobbles. Good thing I only had to knit one square.

  9. I am so with the other Gale. What is not to love about bobbles?
    (ok maybe not as sofa slipcovers)
    I think you should give yourself a design challenge to create a piece with bobbles you can embrace. That’s right, embraceable bobbles. Go for it.

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