Recap Wrap Up Move on

I was so wrapped up in the last part of my visit home, that I forgot the first.  My trip happily coincided with an event for CraftActivism at the American Museum of  Folk Art, part of their “Make it Thursday” event.  I arrived very wet and late.  (It was pouring and of course no cab to be found.) The museum describes these as “Come to the museum each Thursday for hands-on workshops and discussions with leaders in the DIY community. Enjoy a glass of wine, meet fellow craft enthusiasts, and spend a creative evening with us!”  The wine was welcome, I got to meet Joan Tapper and Kay Gardiner, and best of all, expose my non-crafty oldest friend to the ways of  craft. The whole idea of yarn-bombing blew her away.  If you haven’t seen it, check out this video.  (Thanks, Kat.)
We spent a few days in Hoboken, my old ‘hood.  My buds have a new place and Guy helped to put up some pictures and planned bookshelves.  This required a trip to the hardware store.  Thankfully, there still is one in Hoboken.  The fiber obsessed notice strange things while standing around waiting.

I looked at this and thought, huh, wonder how that works, in the split second before I realized how my brain was operating.  My nephew-in-law, on the other hand, was spinning through my OWS photos and saw it.  “Lou, what the hell?  Were you shopping for plumbing supplies somewhere and decided to take pictures?”

It’s all in your perspective.  Speaking of perspective, I just have to say that when I got over to Zuccotti Park, the site of Occupy Wall Street, I was struck by how small the ‘occupation’ is.  First of all, it’s not really a park, it’s a concrete triangle right across from the World Trade Center site.  (There used to be a statue of a commuter there, I think.) This picture was taken from one side of the site, you can see the store across the street on the other.

I’ve been in State Fair food booths that seemed bigger and about as crowded.   Anyway, I just kept thinking that this very small group of people has a lot of powerful people very, very worried.  Here’s a knitter I spent a few minutes with at Occupy Wall Street.

Apparently, there is a New York Daily News Article about her now, as well.  They beat me to it.

Back across the river, we went to my friend Steve’s giant comic book/graphic novel/jewelry store, Traders of Babylon.

Comic books are a strange subculture to me, as yarn shops may be to the uninitiated, but I always enjoy wandering around.  Anyway, if you are part of that world, and not near Hoboken, he also has an online option.

I didn’t get a Remembrance Day post together.  If you are so inclined, there is an old one here.  May future generations  have no war dead to remember.


7 responses to “Recap Wrap Up Move on

  1. LOL about the thread cutting oil! My mind went there, too.

    Sometimes, a small group of deeply committed people can make all the difference…

  2. Love your last sentence. Would that it could be so.

  3. I second your last wish with all of my heart. Let it be so, please.

    And thanks for the pictures and posts about the occupy movement in your neck of the woods! Sometimes the voices of a small number of committed people can make a huge impact.

  4. I failed to put together an Armistice day post too, but your wish that future generations have no war dead to remember is the essence of all our hopes I’m sure.

  5. I echo your wish but I have no hope of it. History tends to repeat, repeat, repeat and we learn nothing.

    That’s not what the thread cutting oil is for?!? Huh.

  6. A plumbing supply? Really?

  7. Unfortunately I think today’s war heros go unsung since there is no “war”. May they find peace.

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