Join being careful not to twist.

twist do not

How many times have we all seen that caution in a pattern? Or, as Amy Detjen says, JBCNTT. My style sheet from PotterCraft requires “Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist.” I help students avoid this every week, people. Yet here I was, casting on for a simple in the round sweater body, double checking it carefully, and several rounds in noticed I was doing the twist.


The scene – a table in a slightly darkened hotel conference space. The cast – CPAs, attorneys, municipal finance types and me. (I am none of the above. A sort of downstairs maid.) I didn’t want to rip out and cast on again when I was supposed to be paying attention. That was the whole point of bringing this particular project, knitting in the semi-dark, going around and around to keep me thinking about work.

I twisted it back at the join, and kept on going. I figured that since it was a rolled hem, I could take it out later and knit down. At least I wouldn’t waste five hours of blissful stockinette meeting knitting. An attorney tapped me on the shoulder later and told me how jealous she was, that she didn’t want to risk looking unprofessional but wished she were knitting.  I thought I did look professional, tights, dress, even some makeup!

Here it is in its twisted beauty.


And after being allowed to roll up, no weaving-in or attempt to improve the appearance.


I may just leave it. (Peter, avert your eyes.)

On the other hand, taking it out and knitting down is no big deal. What do you think?

I cannot reveal the pattern right now, but the yarn is Fiora from Berroco. I LOVE this yarn. It’s a cotton, alpaca, rayon and wool blend. It feels like a sweatershirt with drape and class, so I chose sweatshirt grey. Cozy. Which I need.


19 responses to “Join being careful not to twist.

  1. Ha ha! I’ve got a few jumpers that have been untwisted a few rounds in – I never have a problem with dpns, but struggle with circs -sometimes I’m tempted to try to put in a deliberate twist in the hope that it’ll be a double bluff for the knitting!

  2. I might be inclined to not fix it, but I’m sometimes like that. I’ve got the wants for Fiora now – let us all know how it wears – don’t want a pilly pilly cotton blend.

  3. I’d likely leave it. But then I am not a professional!

  4. I’d be very tempted to leave it after all that knitting. I’ve done plenty of unknitting this past week & I’m not sure that, in the end, it added anything except more time to the project I’m working on.

  5. Ha! I really can’t imagine why you might think that would make my eye twitch…

  6. Leave it. It can’t be seen, and is therefore no longer a mistake.

  7. throughtheloops

    Leave it. It’s hardly noticeable. That attorney is doing nothing to improve the image of her profession with her rude remark.

  8. I’d leave it ( bet that’s no surprise).

  9. i would definitely leave it, but that’s probably why i’m a crocheter ;n)

  10. on the photo, it’s hardly noticeable…so even though i’m sort of a freaky kind of perfectionist, i’d probably consider leaving it! (Like you….I’d cut off the offending part, and knit down if it ended up really bothering me.) Love the photo… of my ‘claims to fame’…..Chubby Checker invited me on stage once to twist with him!!!

  11. I did the same thing just the other day! Only mine had a strange twisted-stitch sort of look to it, on the cast-on and the first two or three rounds, like a bow-tie, then it somehow straightened out. I ended up starting over — it was in sock yarn, so fairly small, but … sigh.

  12. So what’d you decide?

    I’m going to pretend like I’m not interested in that yarn. (For the record, it’s not working very well).

  13. I would totally leave it since once the hem rolls the weirdness is completely hidden.

  14. leave it and admire it when you feel the need.

  15. I’m like Steph, too much of a perfectionist, if I was only a few rows in I’d have to rip it back. Having perfectionist tendencies is such a time suck!

    Lovely to catch up with you Mary Lou, now I finally have enough free time to spend some online.

  16. So, what did you decide to do????? I probably would’ve left it, to avoid having to pick up all those stitches and then bind off again.

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